About Us

Our Background


Since Jen was little she had always aspired to to be an artist. As she grew older, her dedication to painting never faded. Jen's creative talents continued to influence the works of her daughter, Claire. As Claire began selling her pieces throughout college, the two decided to combine their creative paths and launch Sugarloaf Studios of Green Lake.

Our Medium


We use many different mediums, including acrylics, oils and pastels. We believe that working in just one medium is restrictive to our artistic abilities and process. Each inspiration manifests in its own individual style and technique, making ever piece unique and important to us. 

Our Inspiration


Many people see the world in black and white - A few people say there is some grey area. Specializing in acrylic paint, We see the world in vibrant colors. Manipulation of color schemes through our paintings allows us to share how we see the world. We are able to express our deepest thoughts and emotions on canvas without fear. Art and design is our first language, truly.   

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